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Ring of Lies Grows

Raj Rajaratnam is far from alone in a supposed ring of Wall Street crooks. Twenty Wall Street professionals and attorneys have been charged in a growing ring of insider trading. […]

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Cheaters Never Prosper… Or At Least Not for Long

Thanks to a friend in investment banking, hedge fund manager Joseph Contorinis is charged with investment fraud. Using inside information from his buddy, Contorinis allegedly made illegal trades. Although he […]

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Seven Years for $5 Million

Virginia’s Mark Donnelly robbed clients of more than $5 million in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. In return for his guilty plea, a judge sentenced him to seven years in prison. […]

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Even Madoff Knows it Takes a Village

It’s not easy being a fraud, even for Bernard Madoff. Come to find out, his long-time auditor is finally admitting to helping fuel the enormous Ponzi scheme. Accountant David Friehling […]

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Former John Hancock Advisor Accused of Forgery

How’s that for irony? John Mondello was an advisor with John Hancock Financial Services in Long Island, NY who allegedly forged the signature of his elderly client and robbed her […]

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Salt in Stanford’s Wounds

As if it could get any worse for the beleaguered Texas financier Allen Stanford, he is now being stripped of his knighthood by the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. […]

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That’s Charity?

Charles Harrison of Charlotte, North Carolina had his elderly clients convinced their $11 million in investments was funding non-profit organizations. That’s true only if you consider his fine clothing and […]

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An Investment Crime Whodunit

Patricia Cornwell now has real life fodder for her crime fiction, but investment fraud isn't really her forte. Cornwell is accusing Anchin Block &Anchin of mishandling her fortune. $40 million is gone and […]

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Terrorist Support Carries Big Ticket

Recently, FC pondered the massive investment thefts at the hands of Raj Rajarutnam. Come to find out, that Mr. Rajarutnam may be more than greedy. He’s accused of funding a […]

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Ponzi Mea Culpa

Richard Piccoli maintained an investment scheme for almost 30 years, luring victims with advertisements in Catholic newspapers and using clergy members as references. The New York crook confessed to bilking […]