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Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz: The Great American Bond Bubble

A good article on bonds and the impact of rising interest rates but EXTREMELY misleading to compare the -80% decline in tech stocks to a “similar bubble” in bonds .  […]

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Seven Secrets to a Happy Retirement

The following link will take you to an interesting article from US News & World Report that summarizes several recent studies regarding happiness during retirement.  Not surprisingly, according to the […]

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NAPFA Planning Perspectives July-August 2010

NAPFA Planning Perspectives contains articles written by various Certified Financial Planners in the industry today. To Read More (click here)

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If It Causes Stress, Is It Really A Vacation Home

NYtimes.com Wealth Matters article written by Paul Sullivan. Read More…

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Fidelity’s Market Analysis, Research and Education July 2010 Update

MARE’s July 2010 article – More Options Help Investors Counter Rising Correlation

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New Mutual Fund Rules Won’t Limit Advice

New York Times article written by Ron Leiber. The article explains some of the S.E.C’s views on 12b-1 fees and rules that will limit compensation to advisers who are paid […]

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USA Today’s view on banking bailout: TARP supporters deserve praise, not retribution

An interesting take on TARP dollars loaned and paid back to date from USA Today.  Read More…

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Remember the Attributes of Bonds

Fidelity’s Management and Research Company publishes articles from professionals in the industry. This article written by Dirk Hofschire, CFA®, talks about how lower volatility can stabalize portfolio returns even in […]

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A Common-Sense Approach to Retirement

Part II in a series of question and answer format articles featuring one of our favorite financial guru’s, Harold Evensky.  This article focuses on Retirement Planning issues.  Read more …

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The Passing of a Hero – John Wooden

John Wooden is one of my heroes and his passing at age 99 is the end of an era. Rick Reilly is one of my favorite writers and his article […]