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Don’t Read Too Much Into Stocks’ Sudden Rebound

Summary In a little more than a month, U.S. stocks have gone from a record high to the fastest correction in history to the best week since 1938. Driving these […]

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El-Erian says he wouldn’t buy into market yet, but offers a plan for those who feel they must

Mohamed El-Erian said Wednesday he would be hesitant to put cash to work, arguing the stock market is still on a downward trend due to the coronavirus pandemic. But he […]

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August 2019 IWM Planning News

Topics in this quarters IWM Planning News: Is the Government Double- Taxin Your Social Secuiry Benefits? Data Protection Protocols Key Estate Planning Doucments Why Not DO it Now? New Research […]

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Here’s how much you should put in your 401(k) each month to retire with $1.5 million

Experts often recommend saving up $1 million before you retire. But in many cases, that may not be enough, thanks in part to longer life expectancy and disappearing pensions. What […]

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Be cybersecure: How to protect your financial data from hackers

See attached PDF outlining some steps to be more secure with your personal financial information.

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IWM 2Q2019 Market & Economic Review Newsletter

IWM 2Q2019 Market & Economic Review (click here)…

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Health Savings Accounts Can Reduce Tax Bills. But Beware the Paperwork.

At this time of year, many people are looking for ways to reduce their tax bills. One option may be to make a contribution to a health savings account. You […]

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Why (Prudent) Spending Rates Matter More Than Savings Rates

The media provides no shortage of articles giving recommendations of how much households should save to afford retirement, from rules of thumb like “save 10% to 15% of your annual […]

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75 Must-Know Statistics About Long-Term Care: 2018 Edition

If there’s a single unsolved problem in the retirement plans for many middle- and upper-middle-income adults, it’s what to do about long-term care costs later in life. Very high-income, high-net-worth […]

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Retirement Planning in High School? It’s Never Too Early, Experts Say

It might seem odd to open a retirement account for a high school student. But teenagers can get a big head start on long-term savings, financial advisers say, by stashing […]