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Danny Pang

Danny Pang of The Private Equity Management Group is being charged with defrauding investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars since 2003. In addition to his fraud the SEC […]

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Donald Anthony Walker Young

An investment adviser from the Philadelphia area is accused of misappropriating more than $23M of client funds. The proceeds were allegedly used to pay personal expenses related to horse ownership […]

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Stanford Requests $10M to be Unfrozen to pay Lawyers

The request for $10M in funds to pay his defense team as he defends himself against allegations of a potentially massive fraud. The full article can be read here.

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Allen Stanford

Stanford is denying any crime or Ponzi scheme as alleged by the SEC. “The SEC has cremated the Stanford companies and Stanford, partly to get over the embarrassment at their […]

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Marvin R. Cooper

Marvin R. Cooper allegedly targeted members of the deaf community in a Ponzi scheme that raised $4.4M dollars. The SEC said that Cooper's company, Billions Coupons, held seminars at Community […]

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Joseph Nacchio

The ex-CEO of Qwest Communications International Inc., Joseph Nacchio was fired from his post after the discovery of $2.5B in improperly booked revenue. After his court of appeals hearing, Nacchio's […]

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Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh

Greenwood and Walsh are charged with conspiracy, securities fraud and wire fraud in an estimated $553M fraud. The misappropriated funds were used to fund a lavish lifestyle, raising show horses […]

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Allen Stanford

Allen Stanford is being charged with a "massive ongoing fraud" in relation to $8B of CDs that were sold to investors with promised returns exceeding 8%. There were 30,000 CDs […]

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Victor Teicher

The article Imprisoned Felon Was Adviser to Madoff Investor shows that Victor Teicher, a convicted felon, was a money manager for a firm that invested $2B of its clients' […]

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Nicholas Cosmo

Cosmo is being charged with mail fraud in what could be a $380M Ponzi scheme. Cosmo is the founder of Agape World Inc. A company that is claimed to have […]