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You’ve Been Friended… and Busted

Here’s tip number one when you’re on the run from the U.S. Justice Department: Refrain from updating your Facebook page with your whereabouts and hijinx. Tip number two: Don’t friend […]

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From Prison to Barnes & Noble

The same investment guy who is charged with scamming clients out of $1.5 million and then purposely crashed his own plane is now writing a book about how his bipolar […]

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This Crook Just Keeps on Tickin’

Out of federal prison for mail fraud, Nicholas Cosmo allegedly proceeded to bilk $400 million in a Ponzi scam. While on house arrest, he then broke the terms of release […]

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Miami Vices

Miami insurance agent Jose Peris pleaded not guilty to stealing about $14 million. His alleged vices include submitting insurance contracts with fake policyholders. Stay tuned to see if this guy […]

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Life Savings Frittered Away

A 90-year old nursing home resident entrusted his life savings to former New York broker Sergio Del Toro. But in the end, the elderly investor and his family saw that […]

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A Century of Punishment

Mr. Richard Heartless…. uh, I mean… Harkless. Mr. Richard Harkless received a brutal sentence of 100 years in prison for his Ponzi scheme that caused his investors to lose $40 […]

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Did Your Mother Teach You Nothing?!

It’s likely that the well-known NY socialite Brooke Astor attempted to teach her son sound financial lessons, but it clearly didn’t soak in. Not only did Anthony Marshall commit financial […]

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Good Use of Prison Cells

A Lansing, Michigan area judge brimmed with confidence at Jeffrey Sadlak’s sentencing recently. Judge Joyce Draganchuk proclaimed that a prison cell is a perfect fit for Mr. Sadlak following his […]

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Cuban Back at SEC’s Center Court

Fleecing Central sweetheart, Mark Cuban is back in the SEC’s spotlight. A case against Cuban for insider trading was dismissed. But the SEC maintains its accusation that he illegally sold […]

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UnBelievable Sham

Apparently UBS employees weren’t thinking rationally when they helped U.S. clients hide accounts from the IRS using Swiss bank accounts. And now UBS will pay the consequences as they are […]