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What You Don’t Know About Social Security—but Should

A Look at Claiming Strategies, Tax Angles and More to Help You Make Sense of a Complicated Program Imagine that you’re about to accept a new job, and it’s time […]

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Social Security and Medicare Figures for 2012

Linked below is an article explaining the Social Security and Medicare Figures for 2012. 2012 Social Security and Medicare Figures (click here)

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What Job ‘Training’ Teaches? Bad Work Habits

Last Thursday, President Obama proposed new federal jobs and job-training programs for youth and the long-term unemployed. The federal government has experimented with these programs for almost a half century. […]

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The Debt Crisis: If Treasury Bonds Aren’t Safe, What Is?

Wall Street Journal article written by:  Jason Zweig How can you lower your portfolio’s risk in a world of rolling government-debt crises? Start by taking a deep breath. Then, see […]

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Financial Advisor Magazine – Debt Battle Won’t Destroy Treasurys

As Winston Churchill famously said, “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing  . . . after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” Read More of Article…

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Gideon Gono

"Zimbabwe's central bank governor admits he took money from the bank accounts of private businesses and foreign aid groups without permission to keep the country's cash-strapped ministries running." The full […]

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Allen Stanford

The IRS is trying to get back $226.6M in unpaid taxes (1999-2003) as well as penalties and interest from Allen Stanford. This comes after the SEC alleged that he participated […]

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Taxes Paid on Earnings from Ponzi Scheme

This NPR story discusses the interesting issue of what to do with money paid for taxes on earnings that didn't actually exist. "The IRS has been the biggest beneficiary of […]

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$2B Counterfeit Microsoft Business

Chinese courts convicted 11 people of copyright infringement in what turns out to be an enormous fleece. Microsoft and the FBI had been tracking the ring since 2001 and has […]

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SEC: Did they do enough?

In the article Watchdog queried over Madoff case discusses how the SEC should have been able to spot the fraud earlier as they received complaints as far back as […]