Our service offerings were designed with you in mind.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering financial advice. We strongly believe everyone should have access to high quality advisors working in a Fee-Only relationship.

Our service offerings provide the opportunity to receive both financial planning and investment management services under clearly defined client agreements.

Wealth Management Service Offerings


This offering is comprehensive and designed to build a meaningful relationship between the client and advisor. Wealth Management Premiere allows for fully customizable portfolio design and unlimited meeting and financial planning time.

Financial Planning
  • Unlimited planning & meeting time


Investment Management
  • Full customization and tax management
Annual Professional Service Credit
  • $750 to $3,000 for professional services that can be used outside the firm
Assets Under Management fee
  • First $1 million 1.00%
  • Next $1 million 0.60%
  • Next $1 million 0.50%
  • Above $3 million 0.40%
Minimum Advisor fee is $5,000 per year


Some clients who are looking for an advisory relationship are frustrated with the large account size or minimum annual fee that advisors impose. Wealth Management Essentials was designed for clients with more modest planning needs and smaller portfolios.

Financial Planning
  • Limited to three hours of planning & meeting time per year
  • Additional hours billed at a 50% discounted rate
Investment Management
  • Model portfolios with limited customization




Assets Under Management fee
  • $0 – $250,000: 1.25%
  • Above $250,000: 1.00%


Minimum Advisor fee is $750 per year

Hourly consulting is available on a limited basis and is prioritized below the needs of Essentials and Premier clients. Current hourly rates are listed in our firm ADV.