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IWM 3Q2018 Investment Insights Newsletter

IWM 3Q2018 Investment Insights Newsletter (click here)…

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4th Quarter 2016 IWM Market Analysis

4th Quarter 2016 IWM Market Analysis (click here)

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How much money should you leave when you die?

Here is a great story and discussion about a 77-year librarian who left his entire $4 million estate to his alma mater, which is also where he worked. Read Full […]

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How to protect yourself from fraud by your own bank

We often worry about having to monitor our bank and credit card accounts from identity theft or outside fraud. But no one ever warned us about having to worry about […]

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Why the Stock Market Makes You Feel Terrible Every Single Day

“The one rule I have is I give very general instructions to my financial advisor, and then I don’t monitor it. I think that’s good, both because it causes more […]

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Is Your Portfolio Getting Enough Sleep?

“Ultimately, nothing should be more important to investors than the ability to sleep soundly at night.” – Seth Klarman We could all use more sleep.  The older we get, the […]

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5 Ways Brexit is Having an Impact On U.S. Consumers

In a stunning move, Britain has voted in favor of what is popularly called Brexit, meaning a British exit from the European Union. The nation held a referendum on whether […]

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Brexit happens. Know your investment plan, and stick to it.

Brexit! This is not a drill! The klaxon horns have sounded, and it’s all hands on deck! The British “leave” vote — Brexit in financial medialand speak — has forced […]

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Every Financial Crisis Is Different

Looking Back Stock-market declines are always obvious in hindsight. When technology stocks reversed course in spring 2000, after years of gains, the New Era was over. Prudent investors exited. Several […]

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The Everything-in-One Promise of a Continuing Care Community

Is it possible to have it all in retirement? That’s what so-called continuing care retirement communities promise. These hybrids offer independent living apartments (and sometimes free-standing cottages) along with assisted-living […]