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Should You Stick With Bonds?

The outlook for fixed-income returns may be more challenging than what investors have grown accustomed to over the past 30 years—even if interest rates do not rise going forward. Without […]

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2Q09 IWM Investment Insights Newsletter

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Powerful Female Persuasion

It’s said that New Castle Funds’ Danielle Chiesi leveraged her uniquely female attributes to woo insider tips from company executives. And not only did she regularly finesse her way to […]

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Scott Rothstein Could Inspire a New Season of “The Sopranos”

Practically ripped from the script of a Mafia classic, Scott Rothstein is finally slapped with numerous charges related to an alleged investment scheme, including RICO charges. According to FBI investigators, […]

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TD Bank Sucked Into Rothstein Quagmire

The Scott Rothstein saga in Fort Lauderdale has now ensnared TD Bank. The Canadian financial company is now the target of a $100 million lawsuit claiming the bank was complicit […]

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Track Record Selling Bogus Bonds

With several years under his belt of peddling bogus bonds, Jeffrey Southard of New Jersey is a master of illusion. But one thing is for real: He’ll spend 97 months […]

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Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez

That’s French for let the good times roll all over innocent investors. Louisiana businessman William Chaucer Jr. is said to have concocted a wide-reaching Ponzi scheme to the tune of […]

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Hint: 1000% Returns Could Be Unrealistic

Hard to believe investors actually fall for this, but it’s true. A couple of Omaha companies were promising clients 1000% annual returns. The Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance ordered […]

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Sneaky Switcheroo

Unbeknownst to her, William Blair client Josephine DesPart’s account status was changed from non-discretionary and commission-based to discretionary and fee-based. On top of it all, the two former William Blair […]

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Fleecing Central Meets the Big Screen

Drama isn’t just for the movie set in Nicolas Cage’s world. He filed a lawsuit against his former manager, Samuel Levin for incompetence seeking $20 million in damages. Cage is […]