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Fraud Stranger than Fiction

One of Fleecing Central's most notorious, Marc Dreier is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for stealing $380 million from hedge funds. Despite his less-than-prestigious new address, Vanity Fair revisits the […]

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Broker Perks at Clients’ Expense

Isn’t it customary for the broker to pick up the tab? In this case, the broker supposedly left his mortgage payment and travel expenses to his clients – to the […]

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Bank Fraud of Grand Proportions

Fudging the books costs former Le-Nature CEO. Not only is Gregory Podlucky indicted and losing his job, he has also been forced to hand over millions of dollars worth of […]

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Three Strikes and…

The CFP Board had a lengthy docket of cases to review at a recent meeting. Three advisors were stripped of advisor licenses and CFP designations for a host of offenses. […]

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Telecom Charade Bilks Elderly

A Detroit broker managed to defraud hundreds of elderly clients of $74 million in exchange for investments in imaginary telecommunications contracts. To make matters worse, Frank Bluestein’s sham contributed to […]

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Scoundrel Targets Little Old Lady

This Tar Heel should be tarred and feathered. Charles Mark Hall is accused of embezzling nearly $170,000 from a 90-year-old client he conned into signing surrender forms. Then he made […]

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Finger Pointing

Perhaps it’s comforting to assign blame for our current economic mess. Or, maybe an entertaining walk down Pop Culture Lane is just the ticket to put our financial woes in […]

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Concerned about retirement funds? Here’s a hot tip: Get a Plan!

After decades of experience in financial planning, the folks at Fleecing Central shouldn’t be surprised that consumers are concerned about retirement planning. In fact, according to a recent CFP Board […]

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Noise and Over-Crowding Reveal Mortgage Scheme

A ring of mortgage crooks may have wanted to enact a strict noise policy for its many illegal boarders. But, most likely the 20 northern Virginia schemers were too busy […]

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The Secret of Success…

Is to avoid hiding millions of dollars from the Feds. U.S. tax authorities really frown on that. Case in point, UBS client Juergan Homann is in hot water over a […]