1 Oct 2008 No Comments

Andres Pimstein

Andres Pimstein, a UM business school graduate, has confessed to operating the ponzi scheme where he used funds from new investors to payback old investors. The full CNN.com article can […]

15 Aug 2008 No Comments

Heinrich Kieber

One of my favorite stories yet. Banking Scandal Unfolds Like a Thriller. He is selling fleecer's names to governments around the world for an unknown amount of money.   Liechtenstein […]

9 Jul 2008 No Comments

Michael Vick

Just before going to jail, he set up an account with the Royal Bank of Canada for $2.5M line of credit and borrowed $2.3M. "Yesterday, Mr. Vick, who is in […]

2 Jul 2008 No Comments

Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay

I found a link to the verdict and sentences from all of the charges against the Enron Executives. The list can be seen here.