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A Ponzi Scheme in the Wild West

Following consumer complaints, investment companies DC Wealth Management Inc. and DC Associates Inc. have been shut down by Montana regulators amid allegations of a Ponzi scheme. Allegations indicate Donald Chouinard […]

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Hong Kong’s Costliest-Ever Scam

The reputation of a leading Asian financial center is at stake in the wake of an enormous insider scam. Former Morgan Stanley Managing Director Du Jun was raked over the coals […]

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Bad PR

A public relations specialist passing along merger/acquisition tips to a former Lehman Brothers broker contributed to an insider trading scheme. Frederick Bowers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud […]

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Do the Crime. Do the Time.

A Federal judge sentenced Stephan Wilson, 45 to nearly 20 years in prison following his role in scheming more than 80 clients out of millions of dollars. His promise? An […]

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Medical Capital Holdings, Inc. Prescribes Smoke and Mirrors

Investors seeking class action status are suing trustees of Medical Capital Holdings, Wells Fargo and Bank of New York Mellon. Medical Capital has already been charged by the SEC with […]

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That’s Your Idea of Conservative?!

A supposedly conservative bond fund owned by a widowed 72-year old Deutsche Bank client turned out to have a risky alter ego. A $500,000 initial investment in June 2007 had […]

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Wells Fargo Senior Vice President Cheronda Guyton hosted guests at a lavish $12 million beach house. The only problem was that the home didn’t belong to Ms. Guyton. The 3800 […]

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Tales of Woe from the Nursing Home

Nursing home resident and 20-year client of John Edward Mullins was swindled out of more than $11,000. The 97-year-old client was admitted to a nursing home in 2006 and soon […]

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Going once, going twice… $12.7 Million Settlement

The state of Texas gets a whopping $12.7 million settlement from Merrill Lynch following the state’s investigation of the firm’s questionable marketing of auction rate securities (ARS) as cash-like and […]

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Slam Dunk Case Against Morgan Keegan & Co.

Former NBA all-star Horace Grant prevailed over Morgan Keegan & Co. during a hearing in LA, awarding the athlete a record $1.45 million in compensatory damages. Mr. Grant’s lawsuit claimed […]