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Spending in Retirement is a Balancing Act

How to spend down your money may be the missing link in your retirement plan. Nearly two-thirds of savers approaching retirement don’t have a strategy for which assets to tap […]

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Focus on Time in the Market, Not Market Timing

Focus on Time in the Market

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Helping to Care for Aging Parents

2015.12.10 Helping to Care for Aging Parents

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3Q2015 IWM Market and Economic Review

3Q2015 IWM Market and Economic Review (click here)

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3Q2015 IWM Investment Insights

3Q2015 IWM Investment Insights (click here)

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Strategies for Managing Volatility

Investment portfolios are generally exposed to volatility through company-specific risk and through market risk. Long-term investors can reduce exposure to company-specific risks through diversification, hedging, and other strategies discussed in […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

Written by: John Rekenthaler Good article regarding active vs. passive funds. Giving positives and negatives for both. This is based on 30,000 data points. (click here) for article    

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Quote of the Day

“Should everyone index everything? The answer is resoundingly “no”. In fact, if everyone indexed, capital markets would cease to provide the relatively efficient security prices that make indexing an attractive […]

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Avoiding Money Death – A New Option for Your Nest Egg

The good news is Americans are living longer. But the worry for many retirees is that they’ll outlive their savings. The average life expectancy for men in the U.S. now […]

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IWM Planning News November 2011 Edition

In this issue: • Why Does Europe Affect Your Portfolio • Long-Term Care Planning Is Important for Women • Factoring Health Care Costs into Retirement Planning IWM Planning News November […]