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Market Forecasts – Take with a Grain of Salt

“We’ve long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune tellers look good” .  Warren Buffet  The following links will take you to three recent articles […]

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YOUR MONEY: When a Safety Net Is Yanked Away

Plan for the possibility of long-term care costs, but don’t assume that insurance will be the guaranteed answer. Click her for article from The NY Times…

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Hugh Jidette isn’t real. Our national debt is.

Interesting website about our national debt. http://www.hughjidette.com/media/

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Tax Report: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Interesting Wall Street Journal article by Laura Saunders. Click to read article…

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Stat of the Day 10/1/2010

Some statistics regarding the recent performance of the S&P 500 Index (price only, ignoring dividends), as of 9/30/2010:   3rd Quarter 2010 return:                          10.7% 2010 Year-to-date return:                            2.3% 2010 High […]

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Stat of the Day

Interesting Stat of the Day showing how the US economy has changed from a manufacturing economy (almost all of the top 10 employers in 1955 are related to the manufacturer […]

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Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz: The Great American Bond Bubble

A good article on bonds and the impact of rising interest rates but EXTREMELY misleading to compare the -80% decline in tech stocks to a “similar bubble” in bonds .  […]

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If It Causes Stress, Is It Really A Vacation Home

NYtimes.com Wealth Matters article written by Paul Sullivan. Read More…

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New Mutual Fund Rules Won’t Limit Advice

New York Times article written by Ron Leiber. The article explains some of the S.E.C’s views on 12b-1 fees and rules that will limit compensation to advisers who are paid […]

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USA Today’s view on banking bailout: TARP supporters deserve praise, not retribution

An interesting take on TARP dollars loaned and paid back to date from USA Today.  Read More…