24 Nov 2008 No Comments

Huang Guangyu

The New York Times reports that Huang Guangyu, one of China's wealthiest entrepreneurs has been detained by police in a stock price manipulation investigation. Forbes estimated that Huang Guangyu was […]

18 Nov 2008 No Comments

David Pajcin

The former Goldman analyst is on the fleece after violating his parole. The US attorneys office and his lawyer believe he has fled the country. Pajcin, along with Eugene M. […]

10 Nov 2008 No Comments

Klaus Zumwinkel

Zumwinkel is the highest profile character to come out of the Lichtenstein tax evasion investigations so far. He is the former head of Deutsch Post, which runs the German postal […]

3 Nov 2008 No Comments

Emmanuel Constant

Mr. Constant has been sentenced to up to 37 years for his role in a mortgage fraud. Fleecing Central first brought the story of this ex-military leader (who has been […]