14 Aug 2008 No Comments

Merrill Lynch, UBS, Citigroup, Morgan Stanely, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Wachovia Auction-rate securities

James B. Stewart writes in the WSJ about how banks were selling off there own interests in auction-rate securities as they were still peddling them to clients. It is a […]

17 Jul 2008 No Comments

UBS to stop offshore banking for U.S. residents

Reuters reported today that UBS will no longer provide offshore banking and securities services to U.S. residents. They are also working with the U.S. government to identify U.S. clients who […]

1 Jul 2008 No Comments

Feds Press Swiss Bank To Name U.S. Clients

A developing Fleecing story from the WSJ online: See it here. Feds Press Swiss Bank To Name U.S. ClientsTax Officials Target An Alleged Dodge; UBS Caught in BindBy Evan Perez […]