Reading a quote from Phillip Bennett that he said prior to entering his plea, “I know I was wrong, and I deeply
regret it. I take full responsibility for my actions. I wish to publicly apologize to my family and to all those I’ve harmed.” made me think that it wasn’t until Fleecers get caught, that they realize what a mess that they have gotten into. I began to wonder what would happen if Fleecers admitted to their fault before they were caught? The public would view the fleecer in a much better light than people like Samual Israel (recently apprehended after a month in hiding). Bennett reached the bottom and is now trying to restore some of the honor that he lost. My point, let’s clean up the world of corporate scandals and restore some of the public opinion that is slowly deteriorating, if you are fleecing, humble yourself and honorably do the right thing and cut it out.