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Profits Evaporate in Foreign Currency Sham

More than 20 investors expecting profits from foreign currency trading have been taken for a ride by Ponzi artist Yongsu Meade of Oregon. Ms. Meade took in approximately $2 million […]

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So Much for Mother-Daughter Tea Parties

Fleecing Central admires mother-daughter bonding, but these California ladies should really consider a more respectable pastime. The FBI agrees. Helen and Irene Sotiriadis are currently in FBI custody following claims […]

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Madoff Middleman Made

For more than 30 years, it is claimed that Beverly Hills money manager Stanley Chais was channeling millions of dollars to schemer Bernard Madoff with a cushy cut of the […]

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Political Power, Money, and Fraud

Powerful political figures were not immune to Hassan Nemazee’s con game. Former National Finance Chairman with Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns, and fundraiser for Barack Obama, Mr. Nemazee […]

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I.D. Thief Selects High-Profile Victim

Of all targets to select for identity theft, Leonardo Zanders chose one of particularly high profile. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was victim to Mr. Zanders nationwide ring of theft […]

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Phantom ATMs Reap $80 Million

Investors expecting revenue from ATM fees were sorely disappointed following a possible Ponzi scheme. Two suspects involved in the case are accused of wire fraud. Their alleged victims were promised […]

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Bank of Montreal in Search of Mission $9.2 Million

In a lawsuit filed by Bank of Montreal, former employee Gregory Rao is accused of stealing money from clients. $9.2 million from 20 clients to be exact. Mr. Rao was […]

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A Ponzi Scheme in the Wild West

Following consumer complaints, investment companies DC Wealth Management Inc. and DC Associates Inc. have been shut down by Montana regulators amid allegations of a Ponzi scheme. Allegations indicate Donald Chouinard […]

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Hong Kong’s Costliest-Ever Scam

The reputation of a leading Asian financial center is at stake in the wake of an enormous insider scam. Former Morgan Stanley Managing Director Du Jun was raked over the coals […]

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Insurance Agent In Over His Head in Funeral Trust Case

Red flags flew for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation when a trust designed to cover consumers’ funeral expenses plummeted by $50 million in less than two years. […]