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A Century of Punishment

Mr. Richard Heartless…. uh, I mean… Harkless. Mr. Richard Harkless received a brutal sentence of 100 years in prison for his Ponzi scheme that caused his investors to lose $40 […]

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Did Your Mother Teach You Nothing?!

It’s likely that the well-known NY socialite Brooke Astor attempted to teach her son sound financial lessons, but it clearly didn’t soak in. Not only did Anthony Marshall commit financial […]

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Good Use of Prison Cells

A Lansing, Michigan area judge brimmed with confidence at Jeffrey Sadlak’s sentencing recently. Judge Joyce Draganchuk proclaimed that a prison cell is a perfect fit for Mr. Sadlak following his […]

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Cuban Back at SEC’s Center Court

Fleecing Central sweetheart, Mark Cuban is back in the SEC’s spotlight. A case against Cuban for insider trading was dismissed. But the SEC maintains its accusation that he illegally sold […]

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Read My Lips

When U.S. District Judge David Lawson ordered John Bravata’s assets frozen, he didn’t mean just some of his assets. He meant all assets frozen. So when accused Ponzi schemer Bravata […]

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UnBelievable Sham

Apparently UBS employees weren’t thinking rationally when they helped U.S. clients hide accounts from the IRS using Swiss bank accounts. And now UBS will pay the consequences as they are […]

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New York State of Money

New York politician Raymond Harding pleaded guilty to accepting $800,000 from investment companies involved with his organization’s pension fund. The money was in return for political favors. Mr. Harding could […]

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It All Started with Mortgages

Montana businessmen Keith Kovick and Robert Congdon once had a successful (and legitimate) mortgage brokerage operation. But when they ventured into the investment arena without being registered to sell securities […]

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Madoff’s Questionable Compliance

Come to find out, Bernard Madoff’s brother functioned as the Ponzi afficianado’s compliance officer at his investment company. Um, yeah. Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron? That’s what court-appointed trustee […]

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Beware Ponzis at Every Turn

Seems as though Ponzi artists would slow down operations in this post-Madoff era. But as USA Today explains, the shifty crooks and their schemes continue to flourish. Read this article […]