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3Q2014 IWM Market & Economic Review

Please see Independent  Wealth Managements 3Q2014 Market and Economic Review here…

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IWM Quarterly Planning News

In This Issue: A View of Health Care from Around the World Retirement Myths and Realities Charitable Gifts of Items You No Longer Need Why are you paying more at […]

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1Q2014 Market and Economic Review

Brief Summary: Global markets experienced an up and down quarter but ended mostly positive. In terms of U.S. economic growth, the quarter’s progress was complicated by severe winter weather that […]

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4Q2013 IWM Market & Economic Review

It was a very strong year for U.S. stocks, fueled in large part by the Federal Reserve’s ongoing support and by improvement in the economic outlook. While developed international stocks […]

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IWM Investment Insights 3Q2013

Please see IWM Investment Insights 3Q2013 Newsletter (here)

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IWM Planning News November 2013

In this Issue of Independent Wealth Management’s Planning News: 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations Paying For Long-Term Care Insurance with Tax-Free Funds Estate Planning and Income Tax Basis Do I need to […]

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IWM 2Q2013 Investment Insights

  (click here) for IWM 2Q2013 Investment Insights

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1Q2013 IWM Investment Insights

Please see linked 1Q2013 IWM Investment Insights below. 1Q2013 IWM Investment Insights

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3Q2012 IWM Market and Economic Summary

Please see link below for IWM 3Q2012 Market and Economic Summary: 3Q2012 IWM Market & Economic Summary (click here)…  

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IWM 2Q2012 Economic Summary

Please see IWM 2Q2012 Economic Summary by clicking link below: IWM 2Q2012 Economic Summary (click here)…