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2016 Key Numbers Related to Retirement, Tax, and Financial Planning

Please see the following PDF files for 2016 Key Numbers: 2016 Comprehensive Key Numbers At a Glance 2016 Tax Numbers 2016 Retirement Plan Key Numbers

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2014 Key Financial Data

Please see 2014 Key Financial Data (here).

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Periodic Table of Investment Returns Chart

Please check out the attached chart regarding investment returns ranked by sector, by year. The dark black line indicates the break even point of positive and negative returns for that […]

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2012 Annual Limits and Key Data

College for Financial Planning publication of 2012 Annual Limits Relating to Financial Planning. 2012 Annual Limits and Key Data (click here)

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IWM Key Data Detail 2011

IWM Key Data Detail 2011

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2011 Key Data Summary

This summary references 2011 numbers for: Income Taxes, Social Security, Retirement Plans, Capital Gains, Estate & Gift Tax, Insurance, and Education Incentives. Key Data Summary 2011