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What You Don’t Know About Social Security—but Should

A Look at Claiming Strategies, Tax Angles and More to Help You Make Sense of a Complicated Program Imagine that you’re about to accept a new job, and it’s time […]

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FINRA tags Merrill Lynch with $8 million fine for mutual fund sales charges

Finra slapped Bank of America Merrill Lynch with an $8 million fine and ordered the wirehouse to pay a total of $89 million in restitution for failing to waive mutual fund […]

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Early filers regret Social Security claiming decisions

Nearly 40% of retirees who claimed Social Security benefits before full retirement age now regret their decision, according to a new survey released Wednesday. Read full article here… Written By: […]

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Written By: Mary Beth Franklin,


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Millionaires Top 5 Investing Mistakes

Millionaires make some of the same investment mistakes as everyone else—it’s just that their mistakes can cost more. A new survey of millionaire investors around the world found five mistakes […]

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Why your home is not a good investment

Check out this article from USA TODAY:  Why your home is not a good investment Written By: Morgan Housel The Motley Fool

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George Saunder’s Adivce to Graduates

It’s long past graduation season, but we recently learned that George Saunders delivered the convocation speech at Syracuse University for the class of 2013, and George was kind enough to […]

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Written By: Joel Lovell

New York Times

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Rate-of-return analysis shows value of delaying Social Security

For years, I have been telling my readers of the value of delaying Social Security benefits as long as possible particularly for married couples when the older, higher-earning spouse maxes out his […]

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New Warnings From an Investing Pioneer

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no one to get unbiased advice from. Judging by my inbox, that is how a lot of investors feel. U.S. and most international […]

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Nobel laureate: Everyone should have a financial adviser

Robert Shiller a Nobel-Prize winning economist gives his take on the future of advice; urges government help in paying for it. Written By: Liz Skinner Read full article here

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How the Economic Machine Works

Here is a short video clip explaining how economic drivers in our world work. Video created by: Ray Dalio How the Economic Machine Works (Click Here)