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10 Sep 2013 No Comments

Bonds Still Belong in Your Nest Egg

Wall Street Journal Online article regarding the recent bond market decline and how bonds should still be a solid portion of your investment portfolio. By: Tom Lauricella Please click here […]

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Why Too Much Togetherness Can Ruin Retirement

Wall Street Journal online article regarding life after the day you and your spouse retire. By: Maryanne Vandervelde Please click here for article.

27 Jun 2013 No Comments

Dutch Join No-Commission World

The Dutch have a 400-year tradition of individual investing in markets. Now, they are getting ready to join two other countries–The U.K. and Australia–in banning advisers from getting commissions for […]

31 May 2013 No Comments

Social Security Strategy Calculator

Here is a neat calculator to model Social Security outcomes for retirement. Please click on link here: Social Security Strategy Calculator

31 May 2013 No Comments

The Intelligent Investor: Tokyo Sends a Warning

That was close. The U.S. stock market has escaped the sell-off in the Japanese market—at least for now. When the Nikkei Stock Average dropped 7.3% on  Thursday May 26th, 2013, […]

31 May 2013 No Comments

Quote of the Day

“Should everyone index everything? The answer is resoundingly “no”. In fact, if everyone indexed, capital markets would cease to provide the relatively efficient security prices that make indexing an attractive […]

7 May 2013 No Comments

At what age should you start claiming Social Security?

A great article from USA Today regarding when to take Social Security and how it is not a cut and dry decision. Written By: Rodney Brooks For Full Story (click here)

1 May 2013 No Comments

A Diplomas Vanishing Value

May 1 is fast approaching, and with it the deadline for high-school seniors to commit to a college. At kitchen tables across the country, anxious students and their parents are […]

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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Equity-Indexed Annuity

Equity-indexed annuities promise what is the holy grail for many investors: a chance to participate in the equity market’s gains along with a baseline guaranteed rate of return. Read Full […]

1 May 2013 No Comments

Suckers! Tech Execs Selling Stock at Record Pace

Insider selling at the biggest technology companies hit a record pace over the last six months even as investors snatched up shares, pushing the Nasdaq Composite Index to a 12-year […]