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Interesting Stat of the Day showing how the US economy has changed from a manufacturing economy (almost all of the top 10 employers in 1955 are related to the manufacturer and support of the automobile) to a service economy (i.e. large retailers).  I believe the top 10 in 1955 would be skewed even more towards the automobile if Ford Motor Company were included (they didn’t go public until 1956 so I believe they weren’t included in the Fortune 500 back then).

Stat of the Day
Top U.S. Corporate Employers
Rank1955# of Employees Rank2010# of Employees
1General Motors            576,667 1Wal-mart       2,100,000
2U.S. Steel            268,142 2IBM          410,830
3General Electric            210,151 3UPS          408,000
4Chrysler            167,813 4Target          351,000
5Standard Oil of New Jersey            155,000 5Kroger          334,000
6Amoco            135,784 6Sears Holdings (incl. K-Mart)          322,000
7CBS            117,143 7General Electric          304,000
8AT&T Technologies              98,141 8Hewlett-Packard          304,000
9Goodyear Tire & Rubber              95,727 9Bank of America          283,000
10Firestone Tire & Rubber              90,000 10AT&T          272,450
 Source:, Fortune 500 database 1955 and 2010 
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