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6 Jul 2016 No Comments

5 Ways Brexit is Having an Impact On U.S. Consumers

In a stunning move, Britain has voted in favor of what is popularly called Brexit, meaning a British exit from the European Union. The nation held a referendum on whether […]

6 Jul 2016 No Comments

Brexit happens. Know your investment plan, and stick to it.

Brexit! This is not a drill! The klaxon horns have sounded, and it’s all hands on deck! The British “leave” vote — Brexit in financial medialand speak — has forced […]

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Every Financial Crisis Is Different

Looking Back Stock-market declines are always obvious in hindsight. When technology stocks reversed course in spring 2000, after years of gains, the New Era was over. Prudent investors exited. Several […]

21 Jun 2016 No Comments

How to Raise the Retirement Age For People Who Want to Work

Work can be tiring, all right. But how is it that people considered too old to sit at a desk are young enough to play 18 holes of golf? These […]

2 Jun 2016 No Comments

How To Stack The Odds In Your Favor

The best investment advice- boring as it may be- is to save more money. Delaying current consumption to benefit your future self is one of the simplest ways an investor […]

2 Jun 2016 No Comments

Swedroe: Overconfident Enemy In Mirror

One of the questions I’m most often asked by reporters covering finance is: “What are the biggest risks facing investors?” My usual response is that the biggest risk confronting most […]

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Deconstructing 30 Year Stock Market Returns

The worst 30 year return — using rolling monthly performance — occurred at the height of the market just before the Great Depression and stocks still returned almost 8% per […]

23 May 2016 No Comments

The first five years can trip up your retirement finances permanently

If a retiree can generate enough guaranteed income to cover basic expenses using Social Security, any pension income and annuities, then he or she can invest other savings in stocks, […]

29 Apr 2016 No Comments

When Not Paying Attention Pays Off

Pay attention to your teacher. Pay attention to detail. Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention! Our entire lives we’re warned: Pay attention, or.… Well, you know. The worst will happen. […]

21 Apr 2016 No Comments

Morningstar: The more you pay, the less you get from funds

Investing in an actively managed fund with high fees is like betting on a smoker to win a marathon, according to a new study released by Morningstar. Morningstar’s active/passive barometer […]