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1st Quarter 2017 IWM Insights Newsletter

First quarter 2017 IWM Insights Newsletter (click here for PDF).    

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4th Quarter 2016 IWM Market & Economic Review

Third quarter 2016 IWM Market & Economic Review Newsletter (click here for PDF).

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Putting Clients Second

The Trump administration recently announced that it intends to review, and presumably overturn, the Obama-era fiduciary duty rule that is scheduled to take effect in April. The administration’s case was […]

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An account that can keep your retirement savings healthy

Using your health savings account just to cover current medical expenses could be short-sighted. HSAs are increasingly common as employers introduce high-deductible health plans. President-elect Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers […]

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A Hierarchy for Retirement Savings

It’s a rare newbie investor who has the financial wherewithal–and foresight–to hit the ground running on a retirement savings plan, making the maximum allowable IRA and 401(k) contributions at the […]

10 Jan 2017 No Comments

The Big Lesson From 2016 for Your Retirement Planning

In a year that witnessed one of the most divisive and wackiest presidential election campaigns in U.S. history, it’s not hard to find lessons that can apply to various aspects […]

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Choosing an IRA Beneficiary? Choose Wisely…

Key Takeaways: Your choice of beneficiary(s) for your IRA can have major tax consequences. Choose wisely with your advisor’s counsel. Leaving your IRA to an individual is a simple and […]

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How To Sell Finance Books Like Harry Dent

In early-2009, as it seemed like the financial world was teetering on the edge of collapse, I was asked by a family member what I thought about a new book […]

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The hidden dangers of leaving an inheritance without proper planning

For many investors, setting aside inheritance money for their heirs and loved ones is a natural part of retirement planning. But doing this successfully is not easy, and fortunes rarely […]

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Is a Roth IRA Conversion Allowed When a Retiree Is Turning 70½?

There’s no age limit for doing a Roth conversion, says Jeffrey Levine, chief retirement strategist for Ed Slott & Co. in Rockville Centre, N.Y. You could do one at age […]