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26 Jun 2017 No Comments

Animated Map: The 20 Most Populous Cities in the World by 2100

If you look at a modern map of the world’s most populous cities, you’ll notice that they are quite evenly distributed around the globe. Metropolises like Moscow, New York, Tokyo, […]

2 Jun 2017 No Comments

Chart: Where is Global Growth Happening?

According to forecasts from earlier this year by the World Bank, the global economy is expected to average a Real GDP growth rate of 2.8% between 2017-2019. But where will […]

2 Jun 2017 No Comments

$20 Trillion of U.S. Debt Visualized Using Stacks of $100 Bills

For most people, our experiences in everyday life are with using lower numbers like one, two, or ten. We not only comprehend what it means to buy five apples, but […]

12 May 2017 No Comments

Chart: Here’s How 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions

Please see (the chart of the week here)… Published By: Visual Capital  

24 Apr 2017 No Comments

When ‘Enough’ Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘More’

In retirement, a writer’s life, once filled with competition, gives way to contentment. Robbie Schell wrote this article reflecting on retirement and the mind set needed to succeed at it. […]

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2nd Quarter 2017 IWM Insights Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2017 IWM Insights Newsletter (click here)…

3 Apr 2017 No Comments

The U.S. Spends More Public Money on Healthcare Than Sweden or Canada

The underlying challenges in fixing U.S. healthcare may be multi-faceted and complex, but the overall diagnosis is clear: costs are out of control. According to a 2015 health report using […]

23 Mar 2017 No Comments

Five steps to age-proof your retirement healthcare costs

You might not think that flossing has much to do with your 401(k). But stay with that thought for a minute. Your everyday behaviors – from flossing to doing pushups […]

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Investing When No One Really Knows What to Do

A good hypothetical conversation between a financial professional and client about our current market and what to do or not do. Read Full Article Here… Written By: Ben Carlson, CFA […]

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4th Quarter 2016 IWM Market Analysis

4th Quarter 2016 IWM Market Analysis (click here)