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18 Jan 2011 No Comments

Are ‘Alternative’ Bond Funds Safe?

A new crop of “alternative” fixed-income mutual funds employs hedge-fund-like tactics to protect against rising interest rates, defaults and other bond-market hazards. So far many have performed well—but they come […]

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How a Fund Boutique Grew Without Losing Its Soul

A Morningstar analysis on mutual fund company Royce Funds written by Karin Anderson. Click here for article…

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YOUR MONEY: When a Safety Net Is Yanked Away

Plan for the possibility of long-term care costs, but don’t assume that insurance will be the guaranteed answer. Click her for article from The NY Times…

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Hugh Jidette isn’t real. Our national debt is.

Interesting website about our national debt.

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Tax Report: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Interesting Wall Street Journal article by Laura Saunders. Click to read article…

20 Oct 2010 No Comments

Is Your Adviser Pumping Up His Credentials?

Those Fancy Initials After Your Financial Adviser’s Name Might Not Be As Impressive as They Seem Veiw Article Here…

5 Oct 2010 No Comments

Diversify Your Portfolio by Tax Treatment, Not Just By Asset Types

Good article by The Wall Street Journals  Carolyn T. Geer. Diversify Your Portfolio by Tax Treatment, Not Just By Asset Types

1 Oct 2010 No Comments

Stat of the Day 10/1/2010

Some statistics regarding the recent performance of the S&P 500 Index (price only, ignoring dividends), as of 9/30/2010:   3rd Quarter 2010 return:                          10.7% 2010 Year-to-date return:                            2.3% 2010 High […]

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A Consumers Guide to Financial Self-Defense

The link below is provided by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. A Consumer’s Guide to Financial Self-Defense

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Stat of the Day

Interesting Stat of the Day showing how the US economy has changed from a manufacturing economy (almost all of the top 10 employers in 1955 are related to the manufacturer […]