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28 Oct 2011 No Comments

Confessions of a Gold Scammer

A federal judge next month will sentence the man who authorities say took advantage of the booming gold market, by scamming more than 1,400 people out of tens of millions […]

28 Oct 2011 No Comments

How Much Is That Bond in the Window?

This article explains how the bond market trips up small investors. From the Wall Street Journals: Personal Finance Blog. Read Article Here… Written By: Jon Light

21 Oct 2011 No Comments

Bond-Fund Stars Fall as Bets Backfire, but They Fight On

It’s been a tough year for bond-fund stars. Longtime outperformers in mutual-fund rankings Dan Fuss, co-portfolio manager of the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund at Loomis Sayles & Co, and Michael […]

30 Sep 2011 No Comments

How to find a good Financial Advisor

You spend a lifetime working hard and saving for goals like buying a house, retiring and sending your kids to college. Most experts recommend hiring a financial adviser to help […]

23 Sep 2011 No Comments

Dark Days: 10 Money Moves to Make Now

The markets are waking up to the inevitable. In Europe, Greece is bust — the country’s short-term bonds yield more than 100%. Here at home, the economy is slowing, Washington […]

14 Sep 2011 No Comments

What Job ‘Training’ Teaches? Bad Work Habits

Last Thursday, President Obama proposed new federal jobs and job-training programs for youth and the long-term unemployed. The federal government has experimented with these programs for almost a half century. […]

30 Aug 2011 No Comments

Pimco’s Gross Has “Lost Sleep” Over Bad Bets

In recent weeks, Pacific Investment Management Co. founder Bill Gross says he has “lost sleep” over an ill-timed bet on Treasurys. During an interview at Pimco’s Newport Beach, Calif., headquarters, […]

30 Aug 2011 No Comments

4 Secrets to Happiness in Retirement

Retirement isn’t necessarily a happy time for people. Just 60% of current retirees say that their retirement is “very satisfying,” according to research by the Center for Retirement Research at […]

8 Aug 2011 No Comments

El-Erian: Making Sense of Thursday’s Violent Market Selloff

Technical factors played a role in Thursday’s unsettling market moves, including the disorderly across-the-board collapse in the price of risk assets in the final hour of trading and the related […]

20 Jul 2011 No Comments

The Debt Crisis: If Treasury Bonds Aren’t Safe, What Is?

Wall Street Journal article written by:  Jason Zweig How can you lower your portfolio’s risk in a world of rolling government-debt crises? Start by taking a deep breath. Then, see […]