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15 Dec 2014 No Comments

The IRA Advantage of a Low Tax Bracket

What’s worse than paying taxes? Not paying any taxes at all and wasting a great opportunity. Suppose 2014 is a year when you’ll have little or no taxable income. Perhaps […]

15 Dec 2014 No Comments

Shockingly boring millionaire investing secrets

If you want to invest like a millionaire, be boring. Don’t chase exotic stocks. Don’t try to hit home runs in market. Read Full Article Here… Written By: Eric Rosenbaum […]

21 Nov 2014 No Comments

Michael Hasenstab Bets Big in Controversial Places

Franklin Templeton mutual-fund manager Michael Hasenstab is a workhorse at finding the best bond returns in controversial places like Ukraine and Hungary. Read Full Article Here… Written By: Matt Wirz […]

21 Nov 2014 No Comments

We Need Stock Prices to Fall 25%

In early October, as share prices wobbled, I had high hopes that U.S. stocks would plummet to attractive levels. Instead, shares have shot higher, adding to the rip-roaring bull market […]

5 Nov 2014 No Comments

Bad Stock-Market Timing Fueled Wealth Disparity

Millions of Americans inadvertently made a classic investment mistake that contributed to today’s widening economic inequality: They bought high and sold low. Late in the stock-market booms of the 1990s […]

22 Aug 2014 No Comments

Retirement: Many do-it-yourself investors not engaged

The majority of people are do-it-yourself investors when it comes to managing their retirement savings, according to a large study, out Tuesday. About two-thirds (63%) of workers with 401(k)s are […]

22 Aug 2014 No Comments

Shiller’s 3 rules for investing in “bubbly” market

Robert Shiller says stocks, bonds and real estate all look expensive. So what’s an investor to do? The Nobel-winning economist explains. Read Full Article Here…

23 Jul 2014 No Comments

How to be happy in retirement

Happiness in retirement is the main goal for most all soon to be retirees. While a larger percentage of our happiness is dictated by genetics and other factors outside of […]

23 Jun 2014 No Comments

What You Don’t Know About Social Security—but Should

A Look at Claiming Strategies, Tax Angles and More to Help You Make Sense of a Complicated Program Imagine that you’re about to accept a new job, and it’s time […]

18 Jun 2014 No Comments

FINRA tags Merrill Lynch with $8 million fine for mutual fund sales charges

Finra slapped Bank of America Merrill Lynch with an $8 million fine and ordered the wirehouse to pay a total of $89 million in restitution for failing to waive mutual fund […]