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29 Apr 2016 No Comments

When Not Paying Attention Pays Off

Pay attention to your teacher. Pay attention to detail. Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention! Our entire lives we’re warned: Pay attention, or.… Well, you know. The worst will happen. […]

21 Apr 2016 No Comments

Morningstar: The more you pay, the less you get from funds

Investing in an actively managed fund with high fees is like betting on a smoker to win a marathon, according to a new study released by Morningstar. Morningstar’s active/passive barometer […]

12 Apr 2016 No Comments

Retirement yield may return to norm in 10 years: TIAA CEO

Retirement plan yields won’t return to the long-term norm of roughly 5 to 7 percent until the next decade or two, TIAA President and CEO Roger Ferguson said Tuesday. Read […]

6 Apr 2016 No Comments

The Difficult, Delicate Untangling of Our Parents’ Financial Lives

When my in-laws became too incapacitated to handle their own affairs, my wife and I took over. A year and a half later, we’re still trying to figure it all […]

6 Apr 2016 No Comments

Stress Testing To Ensure You Really Have A “Diversified” Portfolio?

While it’s commonplace for investors to hold multiple investments in a portfolio – often comprised of mutual funds or ETFs that in turn hold dozens or even hundreds of underlying […]

6 Apr 2016 No Comments

We’re in a Bunny Market

Since the end of 2014 there has been plenty of movement in the stock market but the S&P 500 hasn’t really gone anywhere. These periods can be very frustrating for […]

9 Mar 2016 No Comments

The Everything-in-One Promise of a Continuing Care Community

Is it possible to have it all in retirement? That’s what so-called continuing care retirement communities promise. These hybrids offer independent living apartments (and sometimes free-standing cottages) along with assisted-living […]

9 Mar 2016 No Comments

How retirees can plan for the unexpected

Many people anticipate their future living expenses as they approach retirement, aiming to pad their nest eggs so they’ll be able to live comfortably on a fixed income. It’s the […]

9 Mar 2016 No Comments

Spending in Retirement is a Balancing Act

How to spend down your money may be the missing link in your retirement plan. Nearly two-thirds of savers approaching retirement don’t have a strategy for which assets to tap […]

22 Feb 2016 No Comments

Why Bear Markets Are So Painful

Please read Why Bear Markets Are So Painful (click here)…