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5 Mar 2012 No Comments

Bad News for Boomers

If you’re a baby boomer, you’ve got a big problem when it comes to the investment returns you can expect in retirement: It’s the sheer number of other boomers who […]

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Pay off debt first or contribute to 401(k)?

A good Q&A with NAPFA- Registered Financial Adviser Bobbie Munroe (Click Here) for full Q&A article…

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IRAs Get Sexier

A article written by Laura Saunders explaining that IRA’s appeal to a growing number of people. (Click Here) for full article…

28 Feb 2012 No Comments

Main Street’s $100 Billion Stock-Market Blunder

The market may be back to pre-crisis levels, but many regular investors have missed out. (Click Here) for full article Written By: Brett Arends

22 Dec 2011 No Comments

Unwelcome First Looms for Gross

Wall Street Journal article by: Min Zeng Pimco fund is set for first annual outflow. Pimco’s Total Return Fund has underperformed the market benchmark of 7.86% with a sheepish 3.79% […]

13 Dec 2011 No Comments

Believe it or not, portfolio diversification has worked

Article written by: USA Today’s Matt Krantz Diversification has turned into a dirty word with many investors saving for retirement. It looks great on paper. Diversification is the hailed financial […]

13 Dec 2011 No Comments

Finding an Adviser

A Wall Street Journal article outlining how to pick your first Financial Adviser. By: Rachel Louise Ensign Read Full Article Here…

28 Oct 2011 No Comments

Confessions of a Gold Scammer

A federal judge next month will sentence the man who authorities say took advantage of the booming gold market, by scamming more than 1,400 people out of tens of millions […]

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How Much Is That Bond in the Window?

This article explains how the bond market trips up small investors. From the Wall Street Journals: Personal Finance Blog. Read Article Here… Written By: Jon Light

21 Oct 2011 No Comments

Bond-Fund Stars Fall as Bets Backfire, but They Fight On

It’s been a tough year for bond-fund stars. Longtime outperformers in mutual-fund rankings Dan Fuss, co-portfolio manager of the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund at Loomis Sayles & Co, and Michael […]