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Actively Managed or Index Funds? Why Not Both?

Some investors swear by actively managed mutual funds. Others are just as single-minded about only owning funds that simply follow an index. But does it have to be an either/or […]

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IWM Investment Insights January 2014

Independent Wealth Management’s Philosophy on two distinct scenarios; Near-Term and Long-Term, are discussed. Along with the resulting portfolio implications that arise. IWM Investment Insights January 2014 (Full Article Here)

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4Q2013 IWM Market Analysis

Key Takeaways from 4Q2013 IWM Market Analysis  Global economic fundamentals gradually improved over the past year across a number of dimensions, and seem poised for continued improvement or at least […]

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4Q2013 IWM Market & Economic Review

It was a very strong year for U.S. stocks, fueled in large part by the Federal Reserve’s ongoing support and by improvement in the economic outlook. While developed international stocks […]

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Insured for Old Age? An Economist Explains the Dangers of Long-Term Care Insurance

According to the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, the cost of a policy that pays benefits for an unlimited amount of time is only about a third more […]

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New Warnings From an Investing Pioneer

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no one to get unbiased advice from. Judging by my inbox, that is how a lot of investors feel. U.S. and most international […]

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Bill Gross Discusses PIMCO’s Unconstrained Bond Strategy

PIMCO’s Bill Gross recently assumed new lead portfolio management responsibilities for PIMCO’s Unconstrained Bond Fund. The article lays out PIMCO’s strategy with Q&A with Bill Gross. Please read article here

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Investors Who Keep Trading and Trading

Investors Who Keep Trading and Trading A Wall Street Journal online article written by: Jason Zweig “The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself.” […]

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Nobel laureate: Everyone should have a financial adviser

Robert Shiller a Nobel-Prize winning economist gives his take on the future of advice; urges government help in paying for it. Written By: Liz Skinner Read full article here

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A Bond-Fund Stress Test

Great article from the Wall Street Journal regarding the future of bond funds. Written By: Allen Roth Click Here for article: A Bond Fund Stress Test