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5 May 2015 No Comments

1Q2015 IWM Investment Insights

1Q2015 IWM Investment Insights (click here)

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How to Survive a Bear Market

With the six-year bull market in stocks getting old, people are starting to wonder how they should prepare for a possible bear market. The answer: Not the way you think. […]

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How bad are Wall Street forecasts? Really bad

There are 22 “chief market strategists” at Wall Street’s biggest banks and investment firms. They work at storied firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. They have access to […]

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Terms of Reverse Mortgages continue to be misunderstood

A new government report shows many seniors are taking out reverse mortgages on their homes without fully understanding the ramifications, leading to foreclosures among borrowers and a tangle of problems […]

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The Case for Global Investing

Our research partner Litman Gregory stressing the importance of global investing. Please read full article here…

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Anthem Data Breach may affect Michigan Blue Cross Participants

The Anthem data breach that has been in the headlines most likely includes Michigan Blue Cross clients. If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy and feel your data […]

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4Q2014 IWM Investment Insights

Independent Wealth Managements 4Q2014 Investment Insights publication looks forward at the remainder of the year 2014 and beyond. Please see publication here…

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4Q2014 IWM Market & Economic Review

Please see Independent  Wealth Managements 4Q2014 Market and Economic Review (click here)

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4Q2014 IWM Market Analysis

The IWM Market Analysis gives you a look back at the 4th quarter 2014 and how the overall economic picture was trending throughout the quarter. It also touches on the economic […]

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New Financial Adviser? Check Out Fees and Conflicts

Informative article written by Peter Finch of The Wall Street Journal. Short excerpt: The financial adviser’s pitch, delivered over lunch, included a discussion of asset allocation and “lots of different […]