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The inspiring story of the worst market timer ever

As stocks have become mighty volatile, long-term investors could be induced to become more short-term oriented in their thinking, buying stocks on a single day’s rally, or selling after a […]

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How to invest during volatile markets

After years of relatively calm and stable financial markets, volatility is back. Fears over slowing growth in China, a correction in China’s stock markets and devaluation of their currency has […]

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Holding Equities for the Long Term: Time Versus Timing

Legendary investor Warren Buffett is famous for his long-term perspective. He has said that he likes to make investments he would be comfortable holding even if the market shut down […]

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Financial Advisors Respond To Stock Market Fall – Jay Berger on 9&10 news

Independent Wealth Management’s own Jay Berger featured in news story below: Go to 9&10 News Article Here…    

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Why Precision and Investing Don’t Mix

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft passed by Pluto last week, which is amazing. It was a three-billion mile trip that took nine and half years. But here’s what blows my mind. […]

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Why Bonds Funds Aren’t Necessarily A Losing Proposition In Rising Rate Environments

With interest rates hovering around multi-decade lows, investors have been increasingly concerned about the consequences to bonds when the “inevitable” shift happens and rates begin to rise. As the simple […]

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How To Do A Backdoor Roth IRA Contribution “Safely”

Since the income limits on Roth conversions were removed in 2010, higher-income individuals who are not eligible to make a Roth IRA contribution have been able to make an indirect […]

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The Family Cottage: “Uncapping” and the LLC

Over the past 30+ years, families have used limited liability companies (LLCs) as a vehicle through which to accomplish their objectives for the family cottage. Through the use of a […]

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Avoid Drowning in Debt: Why Boat Sharing May Be the Best Option for You

I want a boat. No, it’s more than that – I need a boat! Now, my wife reminds me that with a house, the last remnants of law school loans, […]

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Social Security and Government Employees: Part 1

An advisor who can provide good retirement planning information to government employees can be of enormous value, particularly when it comes to Social Security.  The truth is that very few […]