Key Takeaways from 4Q2013 IWM Market Analysis

  •  Global economic fundamentals gradually improved over the past year across a number of dimensions, and seem poised for continued improvement or at least stability in 2014
  • Unfortunately, the risks related to excessive global debt, subpar growth, and unprecedented government policy that we have worried about since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis remain largely unresolved
  • The range of possible outcomes remains unusually wide; patience and maintaining a long-term perspective, while always very important, are especially critical in this environment
  • We don’t know the timing, but we are confident better investment opportunities will arise over the next few years. If so, our “dry powder” in the form of lower-risk investments in fixed-income and alternatives will be a major benefit to our portfolios

4Q2013 IWM Market Analysis (Full Powerpoint Presentation Here)


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