The Fraud Discovery Institute

From the company's website:

Over the past 5 years, the Fraud Discovery
Institute and Barry Minkow has uncovered and stopped over ONE BILLION
DOLLARS in financial fraud. With experience on both sides of the law
concerning financial fraud, FDI is uniquely positioned and qualified to
help companies and individuals as it relates to maters of fraud.

and foremost, fraud detection and prevention is more than a state of
mind. Unless there is a perception of detection throughout an
organization, fraud can and will frequently happen. Understanding what
constitutes fraud (and how to prevent it) must start with training and
mentoring at the highest levels of management to set an example for all

Once a fraud does
occur, the costs in earnings, manpower, possibly hostile litigation,
higher insurance premiums, and corporate credibility are hard to
contain. FDI's proactive fraud detection and awareness program can save
you time, money, embarrassment, and potential damages in a class-action

Barry Minkow – CoFounder Juan Lopez – Lead Investigator
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